Merit Scholarship Exam 2018-19


The Pre-FOUNDATION program is designed exclusively for students who are solely focused on IIT-JEE / NEET / AIIMS / NTSE / Olympiads as their ultimate educational goal upon completion of their class XII board examinations and are aiming to attain a high rank in the IIT-JEE / NEET / AIIMS / NTSE / Olympiads exam.

While an extra ordinarily gifted student can achieve the goal of attaining a top rank in IIT-JEE / NEET / AIIMS / NTSE / Olympiads with 1 - 2 years of focused preparation during class XI and XII, other students, can achieve the same by starting early and by following a systematic and focused approach from class VII, VIII, IX & X.

The syllabi for physics, chemistry and Mathematics or biology in class IX & X have many topics in common with class XI, XII and llT-JEE / NEET / AIIMS / NTSE / Olympiads syllabus.

One aspect of the Pre-FOUNDATION program for IlT-JEE / NEET / AIIMS / NTSE / Olympiads etc. focuses on preparing students on each topic to a level of detail that helps them to fully understand the fundamentals effectively and in a much shorter span of time. As a result, students are able to devote more time on practicing more complex problems in each subject area to develop a complete command on the key concepts and eventually realize their goal of obtaining a top rank in IIT-JEE / NEET / AIIMS / NTSE / Olympiads and other competitive exams.

The Pre-FOUNDATION course material comprising of theory notes and graded assignments are an outcome of the in depth research work of the most experienced faculty at Meritto that remains focused towards providing students a smooth transition from school and board level to IIT-JEE / NEET / AIIMS / NTSE / Olympiads level of study and preparation. The entire curriculum is well structured and extremely detail oriented by taking care of the minutest level of detail and leaving no scope for uncertainty. While we are sure that we will spare no efforts towards providing the best academic support

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